Sky-writing is a dynamic and excitingly eye-catching, attention getting medium that combines movement with intrigue. Curiosity combines with suspense, and excitement as your message awesomely dominates across the vast Blue Sky. Sky-writing is huge being readable from many kilometers away , in fact across an entire city.

Skywriting is best suited for blanket advertising. Our new high-level skywriting covers a viewing area of 3,000 square kilometres for a single message.

It can be seen by people in cars, buses & trains, people jogging, riding bikes and kids going to school. Pretty much anyone outside!

On a clear day, skywriting out-rates all TV, Radio, Print media and Billboards across an entire city per 15 minute block.

Dynamic skywriting draws your attention as you try to guess the message ahead of time. It’s a point of conversation and people enjoy telling others that it is happening.


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    Skywriting starts at $4,990

    Aerial banners start at $3,790